Social Media

You can find Agiligator on many different social media sites. Just pick your favorite one, follow up, join a discussion and spread the word—thank you!


Of course you can find Agiligator on the biggest and well known social media platforms. Listing them in my preferred order: Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.


To never miss a published video you can either choose my platform of choice for moving pictures: Vimeo.

Special Interest

You can find the latest user interface design, app icons and animations on Dribbble. Sometimes you can even get a glimpse on future features.


Here are several app listings, review pages etc. where you can vote for my products, mark them as favorites or write reviews: Product Hunt: Filmlog/Auricula, Heise Download: Filmlog/Auricula, AlternativeTo: Filmlog/Auricula.