Hi, it's just me—Simon. Agiligator is a one man show. There is no team, no investors and no big company. Therefor I kindly ask you for your support. If you like, choose any point below and support the Agiligator apps you love. This will keep Aligator alive and the updates coming.

Get the apps

1. Buy

If one of my apps is for you: Filmlog or Auricula—then please buy them and be a happy customer of mine. This is what I love to achieve with my work.

2. Recommend

There is nothing more convincing than you being a satisfied customer and recommend the app to somebody else. Finding good apps often is a matter of getting a recommendation by a friend. This time it should be you!

3. Gift

You want to generously make somebody happy with an app of mine. Easy. There is an option at the AppStore to gift apps to somebody else. Just go to the AppStore, open the Filmlog or Auricula product page and tap the sharing icon, then select "Gift app".

4. Test

There is an open Testflight beta available, please join and find all the bugs, give feedback and let me know about your feature requests. But beware it is beta software and therefore things can break and get lost. Please do backups on a regular basis! Join the beta for Filmlog and Auricula.

Word of Mouth

1. AppStore Reviews

The best place to let other people know, what you love about your Agiligator apps is an AppStore review. After you bought Filmlog or Auricula nothing should stop you.

2. Submit a Testimonial

You want to raise your voice and let people know that you find your Agiligator app fantastic? Fill out this form and confirm that your testimonial will be published.

3. Write or Film a Review

You are writing app reviews, hosting a podcast or are doing videos about great apps? Perfect, just reach out and get a promocode and make sure to send me all your questions, so that your review will include all of the tricks and tips.

3. Social Media

To follow along, join a discussion or ask for some help, make sure to choose your favorite social media channel.


1. Introduce me to people

You think I should get to know someone? I always look forward to make new connections and learn from others. So please feel free and make it happen.

2. Offer advice/share knowledge

You've just read an intersting article, watched an revealing video or came along an intersting event. Please do not hesitate and let me know about it.

3. Propose a partnership

You do something and it's a perfect complement to one of my apps? Let's talk! I love to team up and create added value.

≺3 Thank you!