The Agiligator is a technical breed born to create, sell and maintain apps. Not yet genetically improved, but still having a powerful jaw—chewing bugs and productivity losses. Big eyes focusing on great user experience and looking out for great customers. Agile in its productivity—just look at its powerful and creative posture.

Its predecessors were crafting apps since 2010, when manual reference counting was still a thing. Maybe the last of his kind, but who can say for sure—the universe is greater than everyones imagination.


1. The power in your pocket

Your pocket is a private place: it is always with you and easily reachable for about all the time. If you decide to carry an Agiligator app with you in your pocket—it makes him proud. Agiligator is working hard to provide apps that are valuable to you and make at least one part of your life more enjoyable. With no doubt the best-loved place of an Agiligator app is your homescreen.

2. Touching / getting touched

The touch of something can easily be intimate. Being in connection with technology always fascinated Agiligator. Interacting through the touch of a finger (or a nose) enabled the connection between human beings and technology to be way more emotional than before. To craft apps that make you have an intriguing, intuitive and moving experience is the proclaimed aim for Agiligator. If you feel enabled and delighted using apps by Agiligator—the hard work has paid off.

3. Here to stay

Passion keeps Agiligator alive and motivated. Making his customers happier is what he cares for the most. Nothing makes him more sad than great products being disontinued. So all plans are made for lasting and developing products.


1. Power to the users

Using services free of charge is very attractive at first sight, but to make someone else pay your bills is moving the focus from the expectations from the users to the people paying the bills. Agiligator decided to make the users pay again so he is able to focus on their needs. So your money is directly shaping the future of the apps you are using—if you have wishes or ideas you like to see implemented, please drop me a line.

2. Time is money

The investment of time, knowledge and care by Agiligator is worth some money—at least in his opinion. If you want to get something for free, you won't find it here. The apartment Agiligator lives in, the food he eats and the bike he rides have to be paid and maintained. At the moment Agiligator has to work part time in addition to the work on his own apps to make a living. You can be sure that the money you pay will benefit the one that is doing the work. There will be no money from investors nor the vast collection of user data. Expect profits to be used for compensation of bad months/years, investments and maybe sometime in the future paying the salary for the first full time employee.


1. Answering Questions

It is only Agiligator—reading all the mails, tweets and answering them. So please be kind, precise and patient. Sometimes it will take him a while to get back to you.

2. Updates and supported iOS versions

Agiligator apps will focus on iOS and maybe macOS in the future, but don't expect any Android or even WindowsPhone apps. All iOS apps will support at least the two latest major releases of iOS.

You make Agiligator thrive

To everybody who is supporting him through word of mouth, buying and reviewing our products or following us on social media. (Learn more about how you can support Agiligator and find your favorite news channel.)

A warm thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is every single one of you that makes Agiligator and its products possible!


Simon Braun

Caretaker of Agiligator
Simon Braun